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Cheek Augmentation - The 8 Point Lift

As part of our commitment to ensuring that our treatments continue to deliver high quality, effective and visable results, we're pleased to announce that we've now added cheek augmentation, based on the principles of the 8 Point Lift, to our list of treatments.

Facial volume loss across the three key areas of the face (eyes, cheeks and mouth) contributes significantly to facial ageing. As practitioners, it's imperative that we assess and address these key areas of volume loss to ensure that the end result is a more complete and balanced youthful look. The 8 Point Lift treatment encompasses the assessment and treatment of each of these areas, as opposed to the traditional approach of "filling in" a line.

Please see our pricing page for further details. As with all dermal filler treatments, the total treatment cost will depend on the amount of product that is required.