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Discontinuing Special Offers

Last year, 2013, was an exciting but challenging year for everyone who works in the field of medical aesthetics. The medical aesthetics industry has, for many years, been repeatedly criticised for the lack of either internal or external regulation. The PIP breast implant scandal catapulted the issue into the public domain and April saw the publication of the long awaited review of the industry by Sir Bruce Keogh.

Having reviewed the initial report, here at A.M. Revive we are satisfied that our practice policy and procedures are in line with the suggested recommendations and safety mechanisms detailed within the report. We have always been very proud of the high quality and safe care that we provide for our clients. The annual British Association of Cosmetic Nurses conference in October 2013 provided an excellent forum to discuss the issues raised in the Keogh report, and more broadly explore them with some of the expert speakers who were attending the conference.

One of the issues that was hotly debated was advertising "Special Offer" prices to attract new clients. The legal basis to this is that if your practice had to be defended in a court of law, offering a "Special Offer" pricing structure to attract new customers can be seen as "Coercion". In other words, potential clients should be choosing a practitioner and potential treatments based solely on the practitioner's professionalism and the information provided, and not based on attractive or appealing pricing.

To ensure that our practice and professionalism is as robust as possible, we have decided that we will no longer have "Special Offer" incentives. However, what we can offer are discounts based on customer loyalty which your A.M. Revive Practitioner can discuss with you.

If you would like any more information on any of the issues discussed in this news item, then please do not hesitate to contact us.