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Review of Customer Feedback 2013

At A.M. Revive, we strive to ensure that our clients maintain confidence in the high standards of treatment that we deliver. Client feedback is an integral part of our service, so that our clients feel they are valued and have a voice.

In a challenging time in the field of aesthetics, we take pride in delivering a service that is transparent and would like to share some of the feedback and outcomes achieved in 2013.

Specifically, we were able to achieve the following goals:

  • 100% client satisfaction for all of the clients we treated.
  • 95% of clients we treated returned for further treatment.

We also received many testimonials from our clients, which included the following quotes:

"life changing treatment"

"expert advice and service"

"friendly and professional"

"the treatment process was a great experience"

"excellent consultation and realistic outcomes"

"great aftercare"

We'll endeavour to keep up to date with posting as many of our client testimonials to the website as possible. Check out our testimonials for more fantastic feedback from our wonderful clients, and thanks to you all.