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Restylane Skinboosters seminar

This week we attended a seminar to find out more about the Restylane Skinbooster dermal filler range.

Restylane Skinboosters are a brand new approach to nourishing your skin, especially designed to deliver deep skin hydration and lasting improvements to the overall quality of the skin. Each treatment involves a series of hydrating microinjections of long lasting hyaluronic acid (dermal filler), a water loving substance found naturally in the body that maintains hydration in the skin.

Dermal filler models required

Have you ever considered having your lines and wrinkles softened?

Looking for a low cost way to try an anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatment?

A.M. Revive is currently seeking models who are looking to have dermal filler treatments to facial lines and wrinkles. You must be over 18 years old, not had any dermal filler treatments in the past year, and be available for treatment on the morning of Monday 19th August 2013.

Please contact us on 07809 238148 to discuss this exciting opportunity!

Terms and conditions:

  • Dermal filler is charged at a considerably discounted rate of £100 per 1ml syringe.
  • You

BACN 2013 Annual Conference

Come and meet A.M. Revive at the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) Annual Conference on the 4th & 5th October 2013.

Both practitioners will be attending and we look forward to meeting industry providers and our fellow practitioners.

Regulation of cosmetic treatments

At the beginning of the year, the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) issued a comprehensive document, Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice, focusing on the behaviour and competencies medical professionals should be expected to demonstrate when providing cosmetic procedures.

It recommended that all practitioners should be medically qualified, properly trained and registered, and that a practitioner has a duty to evaluate a patient and correctly manage a patient's expectations.

It's expected that this document will influence the ongoing review into the regulation of cosmetic procedures

New look A.M. Revive website

We listened to your feedback and revamped the website to include news, testimonials, a better gallery and more information about our treatments.

Thank you for your comments and welcome to the updated site!